PlayStation 3: we have one

Yesterday, Sony stopped by with a fully functional PlayStation 3 to show us Resistance: Fall of Man and Genji 2, as well as let us play with the XMB (Cross Media Bar) menu system. We came away ready to play, and we hope that we get ours soon.

But we aren't just keeping the PS3 love to ourselves. We took high definition video of the PS3's bootup sequence and its menu system... as well as a raunchy little video of the PS3's first meeting with the Xbox 360. Your enjoyment of it will probably be directly proportional to your maturity and system loyalty levels.

If you want to see videos of the system boot up in action - we know you do - click the Movies tab up above; we have more real-world pics of the system, too - in crazy high resolution. Just click the Images tab, click on the image you like, and then pick "supersize" if you want 'em really giant.

If you're wondering about that beer-colored XMB background, it turns out the PS3's interface not only changes the color with the months (like the PSP) but the intensity of the color varies according to the time of day you power it on. Guess it keeps programmers in jobs...

October 5, 2006