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Pick up a PS4 with Death Stranding, Spider-Man AND an extra controller for just £174.99

Pick up a PS4 with Death Stranding, Spider-Man AND an extra controller for just £174.99
(Image credit: Very)

If you're looking for a cheap but very cheerful route in to Sony's console ecosystem you can't go wrong with this Very PS4 bundle with Death Stranding, Marvel's Spider-Man and an extra controller for a whopping £174.99 for new customers.

If you're yet to order anything from Very, simply input the code 'PAPVJ' at checkout to receive a further £25 discount on the console package, which would usually retail at £329.99! That means you're saving up to £185 with this deal and you get access to two excellent PS4 exclusives to kick off your foray into all things Sony. 

With Death Stranding and Spider-Man packed in there are already hundreds of hours of single-player fun to be had when you get your mitts on this excellent bundle. The 500GB Slim PS4 provides more than enough space for digital games found on the PS Store and the extra controller is perfect for when you've got friends round and you're looking for some quality couch co-op.

Death Stranding is Kojima's latest inventive single-player experience where players reconnect a broken world by delivering cargo and engaging in social structure building. If that doesn't convince you, perhaps the ensemble cast led by Mads Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux will! 

Marvel's Spider-Man is another blockbuster Sony exclusive that gets the web-slinging just right, weaving a compelling narrative full of twists, turns and most-importantly: excellent old school Spider-Man villains that you can wallop to your heart's content.

Even so, if you aren't keen on the included games or the controller you could always sell them on and increase the saving even further, meaning that you'd be picking up a PS4 for around £100, a ridiculous deal for a console that is covered in fantastic exclusives that you may not have had access to if you're an Xbox or PC gamer.

If you're not into the bundled software, perhaps you should check out our Black Friday game deals hub to pick up a few more titles that may be more up your street.