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Paper Heart review

A girl goes on the road to find out what true love means to people

Previously seen stoned in Knocked Up, sometime stand-up Charlyne Yi has never been in love.

So in this playful quasi-documentary she hauls a camera crew on the road to interview people about capital-R Romance.

Along the way, she chats to Seth Rogen – but more importantly, she meets Michael Cera who, in typical Cera-speak, “pretty much” pairs up with Yi. Is she really going out with him?

Who knows, but Yi is a unique tour guide, her deadpan demeanour, embarrassed giggle and horn-rimmed specs generating non-starry appeal.

Not all of the subtexts hold weight (especially the one involving media intrusion), while hard-nosed viewers might find the Yi-designed puppet-show interludes too cute by half. But even they will probably warm to the true-love confessionals from bikers, Elvis lookalikes, gay couples and long-term spouses.

And if truth, lies and ambiguities start to merge into a tricky tangle – well, isn’t love a bit like that?

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