One More Kiss review

This fifth feature from British director Vadim Jean (Leon The Pig Farmer) follows in the tradition of earlier terminal illness pictures such as Shadowlands: it's a film about death which celebrates life.

Sarah (Edmond) returns home from New York. Diagnosed with a brain tumour, she wants to spend her last few months with her father (Cosmo) and childhood sweetheart Sam (Butler), who is now married to Charlotte (Gogan). And Sarah insists on arranging everything for the funeral, right down to the type of coffin...

There are several superfluous scenes, but One More Kiss benefits from some imaginative widescreen photography, the sardonic humour of Suzie Hazelwood's script and an impressive lead performance from newcomer Edmond, whose Sarah is a mixture of poise, vulnerability and self-confidence. And there's a memorable cameo from Danny Nussbaum as a young cancer sufferer railing against his fate.


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