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Ocarina of Time 3DS/N64 screenshot comparisons

Dodongo's Cavern

N64: A simple puzzle from the game's second dungeon - push this Armos statue on top of the switch

3DS: I don't think this angle exists on the N64 version, but Nintendo's 3DS shot still shows a more detailed Link and wooden platform. Thevisuals aren't as soft as the N64 game, but that's due to 1) Enlarging this image and 2) The N64's overactiveanti-aliasing

N64: Another angle, with a clearer shot of the platform in the back. The Armos statues look pretty similar


N64: The game's second boss, the "infernal dinosaur" first seen in the original Zelda. He's still pretty imposing, but that mouth is way too colorful and harsh to be convincing today

3DS: A cavernous mouth, defined chest muscles and feet and (best of all) a brand new tongue really show off the 3DS' improvements

N64: A second shot of Dodongo, now with Link tossing a bomb into its gaping maw. Dodongo: disliking smoke since 1987

Shrunken N64 vs original size 3DS screens

What areyour thoughts on the changes? Is this level of alteration enough to make you buy Ocarina a second time, or isthis still not sufficiently remastered to justify $40? Similarly, should Nintendo have bothered cramming the huge-ass Ocarina on a handheld instead of creating a new Zelda tailored to the 3DS' specifications?

January 28, 2010

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