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Notch wants Oculus Rift support for 0x10c and possibly Minecraft

There's quite a bit of excitement in the development community about the upcoming virtual reality visor, theOculus Rift. id's John Carmack has already been very vocal about his support, and now Minecraft creator's Notch hasvoicedhis own support for Rift.

"Very excited for the Oculus Rift," Notch said on Twitter today. "Can't wait to start playing with it." He later went on to say that as long as Rift supports Java then Mojang will make sure 0x10c supports it. He also said that if he ends up liking the Rift he'll be suggesting that current Minecraft director Jens Bergensten implement support, though he said it's Bergensten's final call.

Minecraft on the Oculus Rift sounds utterly amazing. We can't imagine the sheer joy of soaring through the air in builder mode, or the ultimate terror of being hunted down by creepers in true first-person. The possibilities are truly exciting, and obviously that is what's capturing the imagination's of PC gaming's luminaries. Somebody go ask Peter Molyneux if he has any Rift ideas.