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No More Mr Nice Guy For True Bloods Alcide

He’s getting into some serious “slamming” in season five, says actor Joe Manganiello

Warning: Mild season four spoilers, for those of you watching at UK speed on FX (where season four begins on 10 February)

Looks like we’re going to see a tougher, more no-nonsense werewolf Alcide when True Blood returns for its fifth season later this year.

Speaking to TVLine , Alcide actor Joe Manganiello reckons, “As you saw at the end of season four, he’s not taking anyone’s shit anymore. Now you’re going to see an Alcide who’s going to slam you up against the wall and do his thing. Who doesn’t like being slammed up against the wall, right?”

As TVLine points out to him, there is another meaning to the word “slam”: “It could be a fun slam. And it could be an angry slam. You never know… Alcide is single.”