New MotorStorm footage: 26 crashes in 86 seconds

Crashing. We're obsessed with the crashing. Ever since we started playing PlayStation 3's MotorStorm, we've spent the majority of the time setting up ever-more dangerous track accidents for our voyeuristic pleasure - as opposed to trying to win races.

Like selecting the bike,speeding it into a rock and propelling the driver into a cliff face. Or purposely holding down the boost button until it reaches boiling point and our jeep explodes in a flower of shrapnel, brake pads and burning rubber. As you might guess, we tend to come last most of the time.

We wanted to share our fetishistic love-affair with extreme auto-deformation with this footage - a visual compendium of no-rolls barred smash-erotica. It's just like the headline says: 26 crashes squeezed into 86 seconds. That's nearly one every three seconds. Click the Movies tab above, launch the Video Player and select"MotorStorm - 26 crashes in 86 seconds 01-09-07"to see the footage and feel the pain.

January 9, 2007