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New Fallout Shelter update out today with crafting, a barber shop and... parrots?

UPDATE: Now we've got a trailer

Oh look, another reason to carry around a portable battery pack for your phone. Last year's ridiculously successful and addictive vault sim, Fallout Shelter, is getting its biggest ever update today and it's bound to send you right back underground where you belong.

Of all the features just to casually throw in, Bethesda has announced that crafting will be added. Lunchboxes now include a "bonus" 5th card that'll give you junk. This can also be found when out in the wasteland and new weapon and armour crafting rooms can be built to make your own items.

You'll also be able to build a barbershop to make sure that all your dwellers have just the right look. I'm not the only one that's going to theme facial hair to certain rooms, am I? There's also the addition of weapons and outfits from Fallout 4 so there'll be no being sad about your dwellers not looking as dapper as your settlers in Sanctuary Hills.

Aaand then finally, there's the addition of even more four legged friends. There's new cats and dogs inbound and even parrots. Naming suggestions - Macawley Culkin. The update will arrive later in the week. There goes your productivity.

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Louise Blain

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