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New Call of Duty: Black Ops 'First Strike' DLC hits Xbox 360 on Feb 1st. PS3 players? You have to wait

Tired of shooting men in the face in the same old Call of Duty: Black Ops maps? Then rejoice. For you shall soon be able to partake in said make believe face-shooting on new maps, when the game’s first DLC is released on February 1st. Entitled First Strike, the pack will remain a timed-exclusive on 360 for around about a month.

Announced on the Major Nelson podcast, First Strike includes four new maps. The first is called “Discovery” and will be based on the Antarctic research station you visit as Reznov in single-player.

The three other maps include “Kowloon”, which is set in Dunfermline (We kid, we kid. It’s obviously set on the rooftops of Hong Kong).

While the two more interesting sounding maps are “Berlin Wall”, described as a fight at Checkpoint Charlie. And finally, and most intriguingly, “Stadium”, which takes place in a American hockey rink.

Above: Image may have been doctored

The pack will also include a new Zombie map, called “Ascension”. All this can be yours for the purse change-reaming price of 1200 MS points.

Personally, we’ve barely touched Black Ops since finishing the campaign. How are you finding the game? Are you tired of the old COD formula now? Or are you as enthused about causing online carnage as you’ve ever been? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq

Dec 20, 2010