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Misfits by Mike O'Leary REVIEW

BOOK REVIEW More fun than a triple

Misfits book review : More fun than a triple

The highest complement you can pay to this hardback Misfits annual-in-all-but-name is that it feels like a book the gang might have created. Not in the way it captures their voices (it doesn’t), but in the bafflingly random nature of the content.

A-Zs, Rudy’s poetry, a 20-page comic strip version of the very first episode, probation reports, a Choose Your Own Adventure that always ends with you being fed your own shit in a pint glass… it’s impossible to predict what’ll be on the next page. However, certain things work better than others, and the balance tips towards passingly amusing rather than outright hilarious. Misfits mega-fans might find a few hours entertainment. Everyone else, jog on.

Jordan Farley

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Jordan Farley
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