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It's not just you, MGS 5's servers are having some launch day troubles

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the most connected Metal Gear ever made, so you may not be surprised that it's encountered some of the standard launch day difficulties. Unexpected "server connection issues" have led Konami to deactivate or pare down some of the game's online features, mostly relating to the Forward Operating Base system.

FOBs are used to expand your operations far beyond Mother Base, giving you more resources and a vulnerable point for other players to invade. Useful as they are, FOBs are still a bonus on top of your standard facilities and are largely inessential for progressing through the main game. You should be able to keep playing unperturbed while Konami sorts things out.

Hopefully the server situation calms down in time for the Metal Gear Online, MGS 5's squad-based multiplayer component, on October 6. That's more than a month out, but you never can tell how long online issues will plague games once they get started - remember Halo: The Master Chief Collection and SimCity?

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