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Mega Man ZX review

There's a solid Mega Man game buried in here somewhere... you just need to find it

If this sounds like a pretty solid franchise reboot, you're not entirely wrong. The action is as tight as ever (though thankfully, less maddeningly difficult than in recent GBA games) and the sights and sounds work too. The big problem comes in that huge explorable world. The map system is inadequate, and the game's missions often require you to visit specific areas.

Trouble is, lots of the time you'll have no idea where you need to go to progress in the game. Few things kill fun faster than wandering through an area for the third time wondering what little nook or crevice you should be probing to find the mythical Area M. It turns out that ZX 's interconnected world is just not that interesting to explore, and the game runs out of gas as you tool around trying to find the next fun, straightforward action bit.

More Info

DescriptionA new start for Capcom's enduring series, ZX adds a huge explorable world to the formula. Hope you brought a map.
Franchise nameMega Man
UK franchise nameMega Man
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating12+
Alternative namesMegaman ZX
Release date12 September 2006 (US), 22 June 2007 (UK)