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Massive game flaws that we just accept

Gran Turismo series

Flaw: Using the walls as buffers

Above: Treat the walls like they're made of rubber and you'll be fine

It's one thing not being able to suffer any damageto yourride for stoving it into a wall in Gran Turismobutit's another when blasting into it willbarely slow you down. It's obvious that Polyphony want you tobe ablereach incredible speeds but when the tracks areessentially glorified bobsleigh runs it detracts from The Real DrivingSimulator moniker.

Obviously,current gen technology should fix this in future iterations so hopefully we won't see the bouncy walls return.


Flaw: Forcing you to sing unnaturally

Whether you have the voice of an angel, the squeal of cat being skinned alive or are practically tone deaf you know roughly how your favourite songs sound. You know when the singer goes upto the high notes anddeep down to the Barry White ones. SingStar couldn't care less about that as it forces you to sing to their ruleslike somesort of Nazi music teacher.

Above: The Proclaimers -Your best chance of being in tune

There are bits in David Bowie's Let's Dance that are clearly trying to make you hold a note when a note isn't needed to be held. You can tell because the Thin White Duke can be heard in the background starting the next line a second before you. But if you want the top score then you must abide by the guidance bars. ABIDE!

Heavy Rain

Flaw: Plot holes, obviously

We're not here to rag on Quantic Dream's interactive movie just for the hell of it. In fact, I personally enjoyed it thoroughly. But there are some ludicrous plot holes that muddied the waters of Heavy Rain.Dave H did a whole feature on them.

Above: "I'm surethe devs left thatmassive plot twist in here somewhere"

The game lives and dies on the big reveal - who the killer really is. In more than a few ways, Heavy Rain loses the run of itself but there's a stand-out one that is criminal. Certain paths put you in sole control of Madison and when she goes to the hospital to coax an old lady to 'fessing up about who her killer offspring is she leaves aghast as she hears the name.

Except during this one play through Madison never came in contact with the murderer. She never had anyone tell her this person's name. Never crossed paths with them. Nothing. Maybe she was visiblygob-smacked that the developers had forgot to fill inthis gaping plot hole.

Mass Effect 2

Flaw: The whole mining thing

In an otherwise beauty of an RPG, there's one thing that breaks its balls - the mining minigame.

Above: The mining game - as fun as it looks

OK, OK, we know that you can completely bypass these sub-quests but if you're going to level up your weapons and other gear then you're going to be scanning planetsa lot. It wouldn't have been so bad ifscanning an entire planet for resources flew by in a few seconds but instead... it... can... plod... on... for... lightyears.

Resistance 2

Flaws: Pathetic team mates, invisible trigger points

We often wonder why a lot of FPS games bother toteam you up with a group of AI grunts. Team-mates? Nah. They're simply adistraction that must be killing the chimera offscreen because they sure as hell aren't blasting the ones that are in front of you,pepperingNathanHalewith bullets. Pointless. If you're going to be a bullet sponge the least you could hope for is a little help, eh?

Above: "Shiiiit! Lads, they're here. Lads? LAAAAAADDDSS!?!

And that's not the only problem, as you can tell by the text above. Invisible trigger points.The swamp in Resistance 2, where the invisible aliens leap out at you, is an example. You've got theshotgun cocked, you know they're coming but unless you step into the correct zone of the swamp they won't appear. Itfeels a little oldas a gaming devicebut it appears in other like Modern Warfare, Killzone 2 and more FPS games.

We're sure there are ton more that we've missed so why not let usknow what gameflawsyou' might haveoverlooked because the experience is still great.

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