Majorettes In Space: Five Gay Tales From France review

The wonderfully-titled Majorettes In Space: Five Gay Tales From France consists of five shorts from France which all examine gay desire. By far the most entertaining is the segment that gives the collection its title. In just six minutes, writer/director David Fourier playfully draws connections between majorettes, cosmonauts, homosexuals and the Pope (who, according to the narrator: ""Wears a long, white dress, lives at airports and talks to imaginary beings"").

The other highlight is A Summer Dress, directed by the highly-rated François Ozon. A young boy undergoes a journey of sexual discovery while on holiday at the seaside, all to the sound of Sheila's '60s ballad Bang Bang. It's a carefree tale, in stark contrast to the other Ozon short, A Little Death, which charts the bizarre reconciliation between a gay photographer and his dying father. This varied collection represents a chance to see the sort of work usually confined to the musty cinemas of the festival circuit.

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