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Lumines Live! - Xbox Live Arcade review

Brilliant puzzler brings the first AAA game to Xbox Live Arcade


  • The simple-but-nuanced gameplay
  • The mod
  • artsy style
  • The tunes


  • Paying extra to get the rest
  • Panicking when the skin switches
  • That you can't stop

The best puzzlers are simple games, with a twist. In Lumines Live!, you need to remove two-tone blocks from the screen by creating squares or rectangles of like pattern, but the blocks only disappear when an EKG-like vertical timeline moves over them. The twist is that the timeline’s speed changes depending on the current "skin" - meaning the game's actual appearance - you’re on. Different skins alter the art style and also speed up or slow down the timeline, which can drastically alter your strategy.

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GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionThe puzzle aspect of the game remains brilliant. The hitch is that the game's pricing is a little screwy...
Platform"Xbox 360"
US censor rating"Everyone 10+"
UK censor rating""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)