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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Homicide Case 4: The White Shoe Slaying

Investigation: Crime sceneInterrogation: Catherine BartonInvestigation: Superior Laundry ServicesInvestigation:Taraldsen residenceInterrogation:Lars TaraldsenInterrogation: Benny CluffInterrogation: Richard BatesFinding the Yellow CabInterrogation: James JessopInvestigation: Bus depotInvestigation: Hobo CampNewspaper 6Interrogation: Stuart Ackerman

Investigation: Crime scene

Start by examining the body. Examine the hands if you want, but all you need to focus on is the laundry tag behind her head..

Next, examine the footprints a short distance away from the body.

Finally, examine the car tracks for another clue.

Interrogation: Catherine Barton

There's only one question you can ask Convenient Witness Catherine, and when asked about Suspicious persons in the area, she tells the Truth. Big surprise there.

Before leaving the crime scene, use the nearby gamewell.

Investigation: Superior Laundry Services

Not much to this one, really; just walk up to the counter and talk to the clerk.

When he hands you the ledger, look up the number on the tag and tap on the name ofMrs. T. Taraldsen.

Investigation: Taraldsen residence

Before you even knock on the door, check the boat parked along the right side of the house. You'll find a suspiciously familiar-looking rope dangling from it.

After meeting the Taraldsens, examine the table with the chessboard to find yet another bar matchbook, this time for Baron's Bar.

Next, venture into the master bedroom and take a look on top of the dresser.

There, you'll find a turned-down photo and another matchbook from Baron's.

Next, head into the laundry room (through the kitchen) and check the two points of interest marked below:

First,check the handbag near the doorway. Open it up.

Inside, you'll find Mrs. Taraldsen's I.D., as well as her (untouched) lipstick.

At the far end of the room, you'll find a pair of muddy boots. Examine them to note their size.

As you turn around to exit the room, you'll notice a wet jacket hangingfrom a doorknob. Examine it to add another clue to your list.

Before you start talking to Lars Taraldsen, use his phone to run a check on his alibi.

Interrogation: Lars Taraldsen

When asked about Possible suspects, Lars will Lie.

Confront him with the Bow rope you found on the boat outside the house.

Next, ask him about the Alibi for Lars Taraldsen. This time, you should Doubt his answer.

When asked about the Victim's state of mind, Taraldsen again seems dodgy. Doubt his statement.

Finally, ask about his Last contact with victim. Again, he'll Lie.

When he tries to deny it, show him the Muddy boots or Wet jacket you found in the other room.

Now that Lars has been properly shamed forthe loss ofhis wife, it's time to check out Baron's Bar.

Interrogation: Benny Cluff

When asked about his Last contact with victim, Benny tells the truth. Why wouldn't he?

Believe his story, and he'll give you the number of the cab Mrs. Taraldsen left in.

Next, ask him about the Vagrant male suspect. The right response to his answer is Doubt.

Finally, ask him about Yellow Cab 3591. Again, he'll tell the Truth.

After your chat with Cluff, you'll be forced into another chase scene. The same rules apply: try not to hit anything that isn't your target, and for God's sake use your siren.

Interrogation: Richard Bates

Master Bates isn't exactly forthcoming about his Contact with victim. Doubt whatever he has to say on the topic.

Next, ask him about his Account of movements, and he'll tell you something Doubt-worthy again.

After the interview's over, use a nearby gamewell before you do anything else. You'll get an update on where the Yellow Cab was spotted.

Finding the Yellow Cab

When you've committed to finding the Yellow Cab, you'll get continual radio updates on its location. Do your best to follow them, try not to wreck anything, and resist the temptation to break off and pursue street-crime cases, and you should be able to find it pretty quickly. When you do, park in front of him and he'll pull to a stop. Time for a quick question-and-answer session.

Interrogation: James Jessop

After you've found the cab, head back to the station to interview this young sailor everyone's been talking about lately.

When asked about his Contact with victim, James seems a little sketchy. Doubt his story.

Next, ask him about the Incident with Bates. Once again, Doubt his reply.

Ask about his Movements prior to murder (which, along with the next topic,shows up only after you've tracked down the cab), and he'll once again give you reason to Doubt him.

Finally, ask about his fateful Cab ride with victim. Doubt him one last time and you're done.

Investigation: Bus depot

The station Jessop directs you to is big, but don't worry - just walk up to the counter and talk to the attendant, and she'll give you a map of where to find Mrs. Taraldsen's death bus.

Next, get ready for hell. You'll need to follow the route (indicated by the red line on your map) until you find the bus, at which point you'll need to stop it and have a talk with the driver. For best results, we recommend traveling in the opposite direction as the bus, as you're likely to cross paths more quickly that way.

Investigation: Hobo camp

Head into Stuard Ackerman's dismal little shack to start the next round of searching.

Newspaper 6

The next newspaper is directly opposite the door as you enter Ackerman's shack.

Next, look on the night table for a length of bloody rope.

Make sure you examine it close-up to register the clue.

After that, head to the opposite side of the room and check the little green blob on the makeshift table.

It turns out to be a coin purse. Turn it until Cole can read the initials.

Open it, and you'll find a ticket to the dance club where Mrs. Taraldsen spent her final hours.

Interrogation: Stuart Ackerman

Ask about his Motive for murder, and Ackerman starts turning on the creepiness. He also Lies.

Show him you're on to him by bringing up the Bloodstained rope piece.

Next, ask him about his Contact with victim. This time, you should Doubt him.

FInally, ask about the Alibi for Stuart Ackerman. Once again, he'll Lie.

Counter with the Purse you found among his belongings, and you can count this one as solved.

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