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Kickass Kratos cosplay is part cardboard Terminator, part ghostly god murderer

As follically-challenged former Greek gods with daddy issues go, Kratos is definitely in our top 36 favourites. But you know who%26rsquo;s above him? A piece of cardboard. Specifically several pieces of cardboard that have been shoved on a man to create the ultimate in boxy Kratos cosplay. Arnie%26rsquo;s Austrian cyborg ain%26rsquo;t got anything on this corrugated killer.

Above: Mess with this guy's shit and you're sooo getting a paper cut... or, eh a cardboard one

Awesome, yes?The inspired cardboard cosplay was an entry in a competition developer Ready at Dawn put on in the build up to the recent God of War: Ghost of Sparta. We don%26rsquo;t think we%26rsquo;ll ever look at our Corn Flakes boxes in quite the same way again.

Not had enough card-based Kratos action? Then feast your pupils on this little hula number, which appeared at Ghost of Sparta%26rsquo;s launch party.

Above: Dude knows how to rock the ass off a hula skirt

Source: Siliconera

Dec 6, 2010