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Just Cause 3 keeps the open-world chaos flowing, even in escort missions

You've already seen the kind of creative destruction you can wreak in Just Cause 3, but that kind of lateral thinking doesn't have to end once the script picks up. Case in point is this new video from Avalanche and Square Enix, showing how Rico Rodriguez handles the dreaded escort mission: His approach uses less of the traditional "hunkering down near the vulnerable target" approach, and more grappling around and tethering cars together.

It's a good thing Rico's extra adaptable in Just Cause 3, because this time, it's personal. No, really, the game takes place in Rico's home country, and the villainous dictator General Di Ravello is happy to use Rico's connection to Medici and its people to his advantage. Thankfully, scorched earth tactics aren't terribly effective against a man who uses C4 in his daily commute. You can see why when Just Cause 3 comes out on December 1.

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