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Jurassic Park 3D review

Nothing feels remotely extinct about Steven Spielberg's epic

Twenty years on from its original release, nothing feels remotely extinct about Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster take on Michael Crichton’s bestselling novel.

Not the Oscar-winning FX that brought the dinosaurs back to life. Not John Williams’ timeless score.

Not even Richard Attenborough’s hokey-but-wholesome turn as John Hammond, the eccentric billionaire who clones prehistoric beasties for his very own adventure-land.

The 3D conversion only adds to Spielberg’s tension-fuelled Jaws- meets -Westworld narrative – notably when a velociraptor leaps at the camera in the nail-chewing finale.

Best of all, that sense of wonder that sweeps palaeontologist Sam Neill’s face when he first sees the dinosaurs... you’ll still feel it too.

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