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Joseph Gordon-Levitt believes the future of storytelling is video games and not movies

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has said that video games will be "the future of storytelling" as opposed to feature films when it comes to immersive technology. 

As spotted by GameSpot, the Inception actor recently appeared as a guest on First We Feast's Hot Ones Youtube show. Host Sean Evans asked Gordon-Levitt what filmmaking innovations he's most excited about in future on account of his interest in immersive technologies and the experiences they create. 

"The future of storytelling, it's gonna be video games," Gordon-Levitt said. "I don't really think it's really gonna be filmmakers who figure out how to do that. But it [games] feels like the most groundbreaking storytelling… Storytelling that's like, completely in a whole different realm than anything we've seen before. I don't think it's necessarily going to be the "feature film" form." 

During E3 2018, Ubisoft revealed it would be partnering with Gordon-Levitt's online company HitRecord to commission creators to make content for Beyond Good and Evil 2, which did receive some backlash at the time. More recently, Ubisoft once again collaborated with HitRecord to call for commissions for fan-made songs to be featured in Watch Dogs Legion.

In Hot Ones, Evans asks the guest a series of questions while they both eat wings with hot sauce that gets increasingly spicy with a higher Scoville rating. You can watch Gordon-Levitt steadily start to hit the heat wall as he talks about other topics such as his Magic: The Gathering card collection, his thoughts on the strongest Jedi in Star Wars, and working on Inception. 

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