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iPhone game of the day: The Impossible Test

Game: The Impossible Test
Price: Free (for a limited time)
Size: 7.9MB
Out: Now

The Impossible Test from PixelCUBE is one of those logic tests that will have you cursing the game for being stupid and unfair ... until you work out the answer at which point you'll declare it genius.

The 'test' part of the game is a bit of a misnomer - there's no way you'll do everything right first time. But as the answers never change, trial and error will soon have you memorising the correct sequences. There's still challenge in reflex speed and eye-hand co-ordination, so it does have replay value.

With secrets to find, an enjoyable visual style and a great number of 'eureka' moments, it's impossible not to recommend.

Above: Look closely and you'll see what you have to really touch

Above:Well done! Only... that's not the end of the game. Psyche!

Pick up The Impossible Testin iTunes now

20 Apr, 2010

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