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iPhone game of the day: Hockey Nations 2010

iPhone's visual quality is slowly creeping up to PS2 standard, make no mistake. Hockey Nations 2010 from Distinctive Developments Ltd features full 3D players and arena and is the first iPhone game to feature full-scale 6-on-6 ice hockey action.It moves smoothly too, and although the touch-screen controls feel a bit more 'digital' than we'd like, the game's very playable too.

Above: The game features 14 national teams and a tournament mode

The keepers are a bit crap at keeping the puck out, but that's true at both ends so at least it makes for high-scoring, action-packedgames. The only other thing that doesn't quite sit right is the lack of atmosphere in the sound department. You get a nice thwacking noise when you shoot, but passes and body checks are disappointingly quiet.

It's the sort of thing that can easily be fixed in an update, of course, and it's worth picking up now at the introductory price of £2.39, before it goes up. Line changes are already promised in the next update, so we'd recommend getting on the wagon sooner rather than later.

Above: Scoring is quite easy - getting in a position to shoot is much harder

With multi-angled replays, player fatigue, and proper rules, this is a great little console-quality sports game for a pretty tiny price. The fact its simple controls make it play like EA Hockey on the Mega Drive/Genesis don't hurtit either.

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14 Apr, 2010

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