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iPhone game of the day: Golden Axe

Game: Golden Axe
Price: £0.59/$0.99
Size: 2.1MB
Buy it now on the iTunes Store

Sega's app sale continues with Mega Drive classic Golden Axe reduced to mere pennies. It's an interesting conversion, too. Not only do you get on-screen controls, you can also calibrate the tilt sensor to do the walking and running commands, freeing up screen space on the left-hand side. Almost 20 years ago, we would never have dreamed we would one day be tilting a tiny screen to move the characters around.

While it does work like that, you'll do better with the d-pad layout.Golden Axe is still a rock hard game, and you need precise control to get in close to enemies and away again before they bash your skull with a mace. The tiered magic gauge gives plenty of replay value as you strive to see every magic attack for each of the three characters. Oh, and Tyris Flare is still hot, in a 1980s Barabarian chick kind of way. Not at all bad for less than a dollar.

Above: Golden Axe one-ups the later Streets of Rage, with beasts to ride

Above: Only one choice, really. Shame there's no multiplayer support

Above: This is full-screen mode on tilt control. Is nice, yes?

Above: Kablammo! Ax Battler unleashes his biggest magic attack

29 Jun, 2010

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