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Introducing Stomp: The Game Boy edition

Warning: the following video contains scenes of violence against classic Nintendo technology for the sole purpose of creating wicked cool beats. It is not intended for squares, monocle wearing videogame collectors, or viewers who should really be doing something productive right now. It's also catchy as hell. So really, your call...

This nugget of retro gold was created by German YouTuber MrSeberi, whose other works include the soon to be number one music video in the country – nay, universe, “Goodbye Mr. Pear” (best viewed in 1080p).

Seriously though, this is talented stuff. Makes me wish I took better care of my Gameboy, rather than smother it in Nintendo Power stickers.

[Source: MrSeberi via HotBloodedGaming]

April 7, 2011

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