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Inception prompts X-Men: First Class changes

Matthew Vaughn


Inception sure has made its mark on the moviemaking landscape. But it seems it’s not really as original as all that – Matthew Vaughn caught a screening recently and had to change the X-Men: First Class script thanks to striking similarities.

The director, who is still filling out his cast for the X-prequel ahead of filming, reportedly threw out 12 whole pages of the screenplay in response to seeing Chris Nolan’s epic.

“I saw Inception , which I loved,” he told the LA Times yesterday. “But my heart sank when I saw that a few of the ideas we had were up [ on the screen ].

“So it’s either leave it in and look as if you’re copying or change things. We completely ripped out about 12 pages of the ( First Class ) script and the storyboards.”

What had Vaughn been dreaming up, we wonder? Well, there was apparently one “dream-space combat” moment in with Prof X (James McAvoy) fought alongside other mutants in spinning rooms...

Still, even if we won’t get to see this anymore, it at least gives us a yard stick for just how ambitious Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman are going with X-Men: First Class – and if it’s anywhere near the scale of Inception we’ll be very happy fanboys indeed.

X-Men: First Class opens on 3 June, 2011.

Looking forward to a new X-movie?

Source: [ LA Times ]

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