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Huxley's gameplay revealed

A new trailer showing extensive gameplay from the upcoming massively multiplayer online shooter Huxley has just hit, and we snagged it just for you. It's pretty generous footage, too, showing lots of intense-looking shooting, flying and bodies being tossed around by huge explosions. To check it out for yourself, just hit the Movies tab above.

Due out next year, Huxley will be relatively unique among shooters by offering up a persistent, 5,000-player world in which gamers can fight in a war between two opposing, post-human species, the Sapiens and the Alternatives. It might not have the obsessive depth of World of Warcraft, say, but it looks awesome nonetheless, and its fast run-and-gun should be attractive to players less than enthralled by sword-and-sorcery settings.

November 10, 2006

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