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PT can still be re-downloaded, but there's a trick to get it back

With Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima now an independent game developer - in partnership with PlayStation for his first game - you might be looking to pull together every last piece of his legacy that you can. Well, if you had a download of PT and since lost it, there’s now a way to complete that collection.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I need to give you a heads-up that in order to get PT back onto your system, you'll be using unofficial methods and third-party software, and that means risks to you and your data. If you're cool with that, read on for how to use proxy software to get PT back onto your PS4.

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You can find detailed instructions on the Gamexeon forums, but the gist is that you download a program called SUWI and then use the proxy IP address it creates for your PS4. Translated to non-jargon: Act as though you're setting up a new connection, and once you get to the proxy screen, select USE, input the address provided by SUWI, and choose port 808. Go to your library and PT should be waiting, ready for re-download. Here's a video of the whole process in action:

The sad part is that this won't get you a copy of PT saved to your hard drive if you didn't already own it. Your PSN account has to have been authorized before Konami removed the game from the PlayStation Store. But if you've recently upgraded your hard drive, moved to a totally new PS4, or just find yourself wanting PT back on your console for whatever reason, now you can. Enjoy, before this hole is plugged.

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