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Play Minecraft for free in your browser because who needs free time?

Play Minecraft for free

If you want to know how to play Minecraft for free then you're in luck. The original, classic Minecraft is now playable for no money. Originally released as part of Minecraft's 10 year celebration the original 2009 version of Minecraft is still playable, for free if you click on this link right here.

This is the actual 2009 version of the original Creative mode only, so no mobs, all the original bugs and barely 30 blocks to create with. Still, it's free and you can play with up to nine other people. Plus this is still the version of the game that got us where we are today, so there's plenty of fun to be had. 

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Unfortunately there’s no way for you to save your game in the browser that we can find, so you’re going to have to just resign yourself to having to eventually wave goodbye to your blocky world. However, you could always keep the tab open infinitely to prevent it from disappearing into the ether. There won’t be much to lose, however, as Classic Minecraft is the original version of Mojang’s phenomenally-successful game: there are only 32 different types of blocks (with most of them being dyed wool), all the original bugs are in there, although you can build as much as you want as Classic Minecraft only has creative mode. 

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