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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 20: Absolution

This is level comprises of three sections and you can play the first two however you like. Kill in the open or stay hidden. The Silent Assassin award in the third section will be more than enough to make up for any low scores in other sections.

Above video: How to eliminate Jack Aegis

This final section features a trio of bosses. They feel like bosses if you confront them head on, but they’re extremely easy to kill if you go stealthy. We suggest starting with the boss on the left, Jack Aegis. As you make your way up, use your Instinct regularly to spot the laser tripwires.

If you continue going up and left of center, you’ll come across a ledge. Hang from the ledge but don’t pull yourself up just yet. Jack’s patrol includes walking near this ledge, moving left to right and right to left. Whichever direction he’s going, just wait for him to pass you before pulling yourself up. Then go for the standard garrote kill.

Above video: How to eliminate Carey Scutum

The next closest boss is Carey Scutum. After Jack, make your way back to the center of the map (remember to check for lasers). You’ll soon see a set of stairs going upward. Hide behind the nearby wall and make sure you have an item to throw.

Carey will soon approach, but not close enough that he will spot you. He’ll instead turn around, which is when you should throw your item toward the stairs. This will get Carey’s attention and like most any NPC in Hitman Absolution, he will walk to that item. With his back to you, garrote kill number two will come easy.

Above video: How to eliminate John Hoplon

Looking at the radar, make your way toward the last remaining target until you see a crate. Hide behind it so that the laser hitting the crate is on the right. You’ll also know it’s the right crate because there’s also evidence on top of it.

John will come close, but not too close to the crate. Be ready for him to turn around, because he’ll briefly jog away. Leap over the crate and stalk John as close as you can. Use the garrote takedown as soon as possible.

The only thing left to do is to blow up a door nearby. Now you can sit back and enjoy the last few cutscenes and the end credits. Aside from receiving a Trophy or Achievement for your first Silent Assassin level, there actually isn’t any special prize for earning more SA ranks. At least the game will flaunt your obscenely high scores to your friends who are also playing Hitman: Absolution. Not only are the Challenges enough of a reason to start another playthough, but there are many, many other ways to kill for the Silent Assassin rank. We’ve just shown you one of many paths.

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