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Happy Holidays from the people who make your games

Every year we get these videogame-related holiday cards from various game publishers and developers when we've been nice instead of naughty. Few are pretty cool, some are okay, and the rest, well... it's the thought that counts, right?


We're thinking this may have been a faux fireplace that Andrew Ryan probably owned.2K also sent us this lovely Mafia II holiday card reminding us to spend time with our loved ones:


One of our favorites was this e-card from Activision, which was a Flash animation of their many games forming a Christmas tree. You can feel the holiday spirit first-hand bychecking it out yourself here. Below is a slightly less festive holiday card for Prototype 2:


Ah, the holiday cards with the employees on them. But don't roll your eyes just yet, we've got our own for you, too! Looks like Atlus had a lot of fun with this one - now get back to work!


Pipboy in a snowglobe and a Santa outfit is just about one of the coolest holiday cards we've seen. Is that snow in there or radiation?


Blizzard "Craft"-ed this fine holiday card for everyone. Can you guess which game each cartoonified character is from?

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