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Great concepts, bad games

Scribblenauts became an Internet darling after its highly successful showing at E3, and nobody could blame the Internet for being excited. 5th Cell, a studio that already had a history of amazing DS titles (Lock's Quest is a must-have), had managed to create a game where absolutely anything you could imagine is conjured simply by writing its name. The ambition was unmatched, the potential unchallenged. The final result? Unsatisfactory.

Scribblenauts wasn't terrible, but compared to its promise, it fell far below expectations. Sure, it was impressive that the game recognized so many words, but with so many re-used object renders, useless items and limited character interaction, not to mention the dreadful controls, Scribblenauts didn't work out as intended. Hopefully Super Scribblenautsl will fix all this, but it's a shame that it couldn't be done right the first time.