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Go exploring with Afrika and Aqua on PS3

We’ve managed to track down and capture the new trailer for Afrika, PS3’s safari-cum-photography game, and it’s looking more and more intriguing every time we see it. Details are still scarce about how it'll actually work, but seeing as you’ll be using a camera, at least in some way, we can almost guarantee that any pictures could be used as your wallpaper on the PS3 XMB.

And Sony’s adventuring doesn’t end there; not content with housing tropical fish in a virtual fish tank, inPSN title Aqua Vista,they've dived into to the deep blue sea with new atitle calledAqua. This underwater safari looks like it’s going tofunctionmuch like the previously mentioned Afrika except it’ll swap meerkats and lions for a vast ocean, colourful fish and huge whales. Both games look stunningly beautiful -just check out that lion's mane in the trailer below -and will definitely act as a nice, tranquil, distraction to shooting enemies in the face.

Given that Aqua and Afrika seem to use to the same technology and begin with the letter A, we’re hoping for the announcement of Antarctica before the year is out.