Germans invade The Darkness

These brand new screens for gore-fest shooter The Darkness reveal the game's mentalist Otherworld realm- an alternate universe where history has been bent all out of shape by the titular wicked force.

So, as if the game wasn't supernatural enough - hit man Jackie Estacado becomes possessed by an evil, shadow-hungry force embodied by giant toothy tentacles and nasty goblin murderers- the images below show that you won't simply be butchering New York mobsters. Entering The Otherworld brings demonic, WWI-era soldiers in on the act, too.

Several sepia-toned images offer a glimpse of these spiky-helmeted Germanic soldiers. Press your poor eyes even closer to the burning pixels before you, however, and you can clearly see their devilish features, grinning evilly. Shudder.

The Darkness should be unleashed on Xbox 360 and PS3 within the next few months, and we're awaiting its blend of next-gen shootery and hellish atmosphere with a mixture of wet-your-pants fear and excitement.

January 10, 2007