GamesRadar's greatest fan art

Today the fan art doesn't simply rain in - it fucking pours! And yeah, our filthy stupid podcastis largely to thank for that because it didn't really start before TalkRadar. I can't honestly attribute it to any one factor, but podcasts in general foster a weird bond between writers and readers and I think that really shows in the fan art.

Artist: Aeshir

Artist: zymn

Artist: Clustershart

Artist: ELpork

Artist: Wildfire567

Artist: derrderr420

Artist: ElPurlpleMonkey

Artist: graoids

Artist: graboids

Artist: graboids

Artist: guy

Artist: guy

Artist: hatebreeder

Artist: Jax

Artist: somerandomchap

Artist: JoeMasturbaby

Artist: ventanger

Artist: Schizo

Artist: Stabby Joe