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GamesRadar's E3 2010 awards

A full year ago we poked funat Microsoft’s “Natal” demonstrations, saying they were reactionary gasps attempting to collect some of that casual Nintendo cash. This year, both Microsoft and Sony spent a sickening amount of time trying to convince us how revolutionary and unprecedented both of their motion-waggle efforts are, in what appeared to be two companies caught in a (hands free!) dick waving contest they didn’t realize they had already lost… four years ago. Move especially, as no matter how you slice it, it looks just like a Wii Remote with a glowing ball, and that’s exactly how the public will perceive it.

Runner up: Kinect

If you must argue its virtues, Kinect at least has no wands to wave and offers other social experiences outside of stiff, uninteresting tech demos. Dance Central was cool too, but it’s not system-selling cool, and the other stuff on display wasn’t cutting it either.