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GamesRadar's E3 2010 awards

How better to placate a room full of bored games journalists than by giving them all a free new 360 each, eh? After enduring a tedious conference that spent too much time on Kinect and trying to convince said reporters that not using a controller ‘is the future’, Microsoft head-honcho Don Mattrick announced the new Xbox 360 and that every person in the hall could have one gratis. Cue: A standing ovation that we’re sure was as much because the conference was over as it was to be receiving a free console.

Runner-up: Sony’s sagging press conference

Sony started off proceedings with a bang then soon descended into monotony with chatter about PS2 and PSP. Then, just as the lull kicked in, they wheeled out the charming Kevin Butler to pick things up again. Saved from winning this award.