Gamers Gone Wrong

Gamers play games, right? You wouldn't think so based on the links you see around the web. We love cute cakes, Katamari caps and gaming graffiti as much as the next Web 2.0 game-hipster, but between the arts and crafts show and the incessant discussions, we're beginning to wonder if anyone actually plays games anymore! Take a look at some of the trends that make us wonder if gamers have veered off course...

Above: Take a yellow cake, cut a slice, post it on MySpace, and get over it

We know we're supposed to ooh and ah every time we see a homemade Pac-Man cake. But what can we say? After seeing god knows how many versions of the yellow ghost gobbler in cake form, we've simply lost our appetite. Somewhere along the line Pac-Man paraphernalia became the gamer equivalent of Che Guevara posters in college dorms: they're everywhere. What was once kitsch and cool in a retro sort of way is now about as unique as a skater wearing a pair of Vans. Still, at least Pac-Man didn't run any post-revolution re-education camps.