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"Felt like a bad fan fiction" – The best reactions to Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5

Game of Thrones season 8
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Bloody hell. Game of Thrones season 8 gave us the series’ penultimate episode and, while certain plot points may have split fans, it’s inarguable that it gave us some of the show’s most iconic moments. From major deaths to battles seasons-in-the-making, here’s how the mild-mannered fans of Twitter treated Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5. Warning: Spoilers within!

The whispers are no more

The first, but most certainly not the last, named character to die in The Bells, Lord Varys went out on his own terms. Those terms, admittedly, were quickly jotting down a note and perishing in a blaze of fire and brimstone, but it could all be part of a long game to show just who the ruler of Westeros should be.

Let it burn

Hey, speaking of fire and brimstone, Dany made good on her angry, angry facial expressions last week by, welp, burning down half of King’s Landing. Women, children, and Lannister soldiers (who had already given up. Hasn’t the Mother of Dragons read the Geneva Conventions?!) were burnt to a crisp, with the likes of Arya only getting out of harm’s way just in the nick of time. Of course, there was more than one Pikachu Face in response.

Euron vs. Jaime

Maybe not the mano y mano fight we were expecting from this episode, but the two clashed nonetheless on the beaches of King’s Landing. It was a brutal, visceral scrap, too, with both getting their licks in. In the end, though, Jaime came out on top – even if he was mortally wounded in the process.

Cleganebowl, baby

Finally. Words can’t really do this one justice; it’ll surely rank up there as one of the show’s finest moments when the dust (and ash) has settled. Not since The Viper vs. The Mountain has the audience been so enthralled by the twists and turns of a Thrones fight.

Bricking it

Is this Game of Thrones season 8’s most divisive scene? Almost definitely. Cersei and Jaime seemingly met their ends as the walls collapsed around them. No Arya revenge kill, no Jaime mercy kill, just Cersei hugging her brother and the world falling on top of her. Ouch.

A bad taste in the mouth

For some, this season feels a lot different to what came before. Maybe it’s the six-episode runtime, or how everything is packed full of Moments and Cool Stuff That Happened, yet a lot of Thrones fans aren’t too happy and the tide is turning on Game of Thrones season 8.

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