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Game music of the day: Mega Man 3

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March 31, 2010

Game: Mega Man 3

Song: Title screen

Composer: Yasuaki Fujita

Above: "Title screen" from Mega Man 3

Earlier today we posted thisbitchin' videoof every 8-bit Mega Man boss level, celebrating more than 20 years of mega-busting badassery. Can't imagine a better time to bring Mega Man into this "daily game music" thing, and to welcome him I've chosen what I feel is one of the most inspirational game songs of all time.

The title screen opens with a simple fade, nothing fancy like Mega Man 2's elaborate intro. Just a brief fade and then this song starts, with a slowopening that plods along like a lullaby, then erupts into a full-on audio stampede. Looking back, it's almost a somber tune that somehow knows it's the last Mega Man game that'll make a big splash at launch, almost like it's lamenting Mega Man's descending status. Or maybe I'm really reaching for meaning for what's an already amazing track.

One of my favorite remixes comes from Disco Dan, repeat submitter for OverClocked ReMix. Definitely check this one out, as well as any and all other Mega Man mixes over at OCR. Classic, undying stuff.

"Pulse de Chocobo" by Masashi Hamauzu

"Scrap Brain Zone" by Masato Nakamura