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Fun! Fun! Minigolf review

Blah for the course


  • Courses look pretty enough
  • 4-player support
  • Not too difficult


  • No cool contraptions
  • No instructions
  • Just really boring and shallow

Don’t let those rampant exclamation marks fool you – this minigolf game isn’t that exciting. Maybe one mark, at a push, but two? That’s! Insane! This is golf of the uncraziest variety. Its three vanilla courses look pretty enough, but there are no clever Mouse Trap-style contraptions, no wacky pirate ships or fire-breathing golf dragons hidden in any of them. Why would anyone want to play boring, normal minigolf on their Wii?

Well, you can. And three of your friends can too. It would be nice if you could use just one remote, in a turn-based game, but no, of course you can’t do that. You need four. After picking one of the assorted blow-up dolls to play as, you’re dumped on the putting green and left to get on with it. Oh, you wanted instructions? Don’t be silly: this is Fun!, not educational.

Still, it’s easy enough to get to grips with. Hold A and swing the remote left or right to thwack the ball; use the D-pad to adjust the shot. Each of the three courses is tied to a difficulty – America is easy, Asia medium and Europe hard. Europe’s the only challenging one, though – you’ll breeze through the first two courses without even breaking a sweat.

A price tag of 900 points is far too high for such a slight experience, even if it is pretty to look at. With breathtakingly bland characters and presentation, and uninspired course design, Fun! Fun! Minigolf fails even as the cheap novelty it’s trying to be – it’s neither cheap nor a novelty, nor (despite the name) fun.

Apr 15, 2009

More Info

DescriptionPretty looking courses and simple playability can't save this boring WiiWare title.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date22 December 2008 (US), (UK)