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Final Fantasy artist to make his directorial debut with animated film

When he isn%26rsquo;t busy filling up Tokyo galleries, Yoshitaka Amano, the man who created the characters for many early Final Fantasy games, is directing an upcoming animated film.

Deva Zan is scheduled to make it%26rsquo;s worldwide debut in 2012. It tells the story of Zan, a Samurai who%26rsquo;s lost his memory, and his quest to fight off the legions of darkness. So, maybe it%26rsquo;s not the most original plot, but we%26rsquo;re excited by the idea of seeing Amano%26rsquo;s work fully realized and animated. As attached as we are to cute super-deformed sprites of the early Final Fantasies, they don%26rsquo;t do justice to Amano%26rsquo;s amazing original artwork. Though he's worked on films such as Vampire Hunter D, this is the first film he's directed himself.

Be sure to check out the amazing trailer above. The character%26rsquo;s are obviously Amano%26rsquo;s and would fit inside Final Fantasy VI.

Dec 22, 2010