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Trying to play Far Cry Primal on this stone-age PS4 might get rocky

Ubisoft commissioned a Hollywood stonemason to craft a stone-aged gaming setup in honor of Far Cry Primal, and if Fred Flintstone wanted to unwind with some interactive entertainment after a long day at the quarry, this is how he'd do it. Well, there would probably be a handful of little dinosaurs inside the TV making noises and doing some literal screenshake, but this is close.

A PS4 is pretty much just an angled slab, but the sandstone controller and beer can really sell the prehistoric living room concept. Lucky that Far Cry Primal isn't coming out on last-gen systems - this would have been way tougher to pull off at the height of the concave/convex console wars.

Ubisoft will release Far Cry Primal next week on Tuesday, February 23. You can even play as a woolly mammoth in three bonus missions if you pre-order it. No word on whether you can look at the camera, shrug, and say "It's a living!" after you gore a caveman with your mighty tusks, though.

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Connor Sheridan
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