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Fallout 4 has no level cap, and you can play after the ending

Fallout 4 will keep on trucking for as long as you care to keep wandering The Commonwealth. Bethesda Game Studios has revealed that you're free to keep playing and leveling up in perpetuity throughout Fallout 4, even after the main story is completed.

While Fallout 3 originally had a set ending, its Broken Steel expansion let players pick up a few weeks after the climactic finale. Fallout: New Vegas still has a hard ending, and both games have a level cap - albeit one that can be expanded through DLC.

It looks like Fallout 4 will fall closer in line with Bethesda Game Studios' most recent title, Skyrim, which no longer even has a "soft" level cap: players can keep advancing their characters forever with the Legendary skills system (though your progress does slow down quite a bit at higher levels). Make sure to read our Fallout 4 preview for more details and - oh, good heavens - just imagine all the perks you could get...

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