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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 13 - Casualties

Old box head is back, roaming the halls of a crumbling hotel littered with familiar traps and some scathing new ones. There are even a few kamikaze Haunted patrolling the corridors, so caution over speed is the best way to get through this chapter in one piece.

Personal Document #13

To the right of the gaping hole are the remnants of a hotel room. The Personal Document is on the bedside table.

Newspaper #20

After you pick up the Personal Document, the mirror on the wall will crack, granting access to the save area. Hop on through and pick up the newspaper from the newsstand.

Missing Person Poster #11

While you're in the save area, swing by the notice board for the poster.

Map #25

Shortly after you reach the second access point to the save area, you'll drop down through a hole to the floor below. Leave the room and turn left into the corridor. Beware the booby traps and kamikaze Haunted, and go thought the open door on the right. Follow the path to the laundry room at the end. The Map is on a table in here.

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