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Eight most talked about stories (15-19 March)

A lot of stuff happens in the world of games every week - some of which you might have missed. Here's a quick round-up of what we considered to be the most talked about news stories of the past five days....

Formula One Racing gets exciting

Well, exciting in the sense that it's being made by driving experts Codemasters this year, after over a decade in Sony's hands. GR's FormulaOne devoteeJustin Towell has played it more than anyone else.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime spouts some madness (and we translate it)

Nintendo spokesperson Reggie Fils-Aime has a history of 'interesting' PR quotes, and Sony and Microsoft's recent encroachment into Wii's motion control territory has prompted a few more cryptic puzzlers from him.Allow us to translate into easier words.

It might have been delayed by three weeks (18 May US/21 May UK) but Red Dead Redemption is still one of the more exciting prospects this Spring.This latest video proves it'll be worth the wait.

A new unofficial release date puts GT5 on course for October(we were expecting it to be out by now). Frustratingly, we know exactly WHY it's been delayed, but are sworn to all sorts of secrecy.

Finally, we can say, "it'll be worth the wait."

Microsoft claims that lack of Blu-ray has increased 360 sales
A picture of a circuit board on some Chinese forum is supposed to be a 360 Slim
Fans (including us) get grumpy over the price of Modern Warfare 2 DLC
Augmented reality via PS Eye is Sony Move's advantage over Wii