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Dragon Age II DLC announced. First trailer inside

BioWare has announced “The Exiled Prince,” a DLC pack for Dragon Age II. The reveal of the three-mission add-on comes two months before the game’s release on March 8. Players who pre-order the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins before January 11 will receive The Exiled Prince DLC along with some other treats, including the game’s soundtrack and exclusive in-game weapons. Those who don’t pre-order the game will need to cough up $7 or 560 Microsoft Points for the privilege of playing through the additional princely content.

The Exiled Prince will feature Sebastian Vael, a noble archer on a mission to avenge the murder of his family. In typical Dragon Age fashion, it sounds like the choices you make will have a big impact on the outcome of Sebastian’s quest. According to BioWare, you’ll need to “either avenge Sebastian’s murdered family to reclaim his title or direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall.” As expected the royal archer will also be able to join your group as a follower for the majority of the singleplayer campaign.

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