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Dragon Age 2 release date announced?

It’s not unusual for game companies to taunt gamers with future titles inside the boxes for their newest games.God of War II teased the PSP title that came to be known as Chains of Olympus, and the instructions forGTA: Episodes from Liberty City gave cluesto whatever is next for that series. So guess what caught our eye when opening our copy of Dragon Age: Awakenings?

That’s right, something Dragon Age related is scheduled for the interesting date of 02/01/2011. Now BioWare and EA have already spoken to the fact that theseries has something big for planned early 2011, so perhaps this is the release for the next major bit of Dragon Age. But whether it’s a full on sequel or just another hefty expansion like Awakenings remains to be seen. We just hope they don’t skimp on thebloodandsex.

Mar 18, 2010

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