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Dragon Age 2 glitch gives cheaters unlimited XP and money

Dragon Age 2 only came out yesterday, but some crafty people have already discovered an easy to perform glitch that gives the player an infinite amount of experience points and gold. That's one way to slay a dragon.

The glitch, or "cheat" if you're the judgemental type, involves some quick button presses while turning in quest items from delivery missions. Check out GameFront's video for the details:

The trick here is making sure to have your weapon drawn BEFORE you talk the the questgiver to turn in your quest items. As soon as they start talking, put your weapon away and mash the action button like it's a QTE for the free XP and money. Note that the video only shows the glitch workingon the Xbox 360 version, so fair warning to lazy PS3 and PC gamers attempting this.

Bear in mind that this sort of glitch will completely ruin the game for you if it's your first playthrough, so you might want to ignore it until you've beaten the game properly. On the other hand, EA will have likely patched this by the time you've beaten the game so maybe you should strike while the iron ishot? Sometimes it's hard being a gamer.


March 9, 2011

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