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Danny Boyle hasn't ruled out directing 28 Months Later

Ever since 28 Weeks Later opened in 2007, fans of the zombie film series have pondered the existence of third movie that could close the triology. The films' original creative trio - helmer Danny Boyle, producer Andrew McDonald, and writer Alex Garland - have all said that 28 Months Later is a possibility, but not high enough on anyone's agenda to push it into proper development.

Boyle in particular had outlined that if he were to return, he'd do so in an executive producer capacity - like he did on Weeks - but he's now changed his tune on directing. “I've got no problem [with directing],” he told The Playlist. “It’s the usual thing: it's not about whether people think it's a good idea that you're directing. It’s whether you respond to the script or not. It’s just like on [‘Steve Jobs’]. I got the script and I went, 'That was amazing. I hope I can add to that somehow and make it be even better than just the experience of reading it.'"

According to Garland, the trio cooked up a premise for a third chapter during preliminary development on Trainspotting 2; Boyle says that this tentative outline has blossomed even further with McDonald's involvement. "It's not quite ready to go, but there's been a bit of work done on that. It's in a process at the moment, and I wouldn't have any inhibition about being involved in it at all. It's amazing what has happened to the zombie genre since we made [the original 28 Days Later]. There's Walking Dead. I saw this very funny trailer the other day for the Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. A very funny trailer. It appears to be everywhere."

It's encouraging to hear that the project is still ongoing, especially as 28 Days Later is considered to be one of modern cinema's finest zombie movies. Now the question becomes whether or not Boyle and co. can reinvent the genre all over again.

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